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Experienced, Dedicated, Financial Professionals

King Capital is a full service financial advisory company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company was established in 2007 by a group of forward thinking professionals seeking to provide high quality bespoke financial services to the expatriate community and high net worth families in the Asia Pacific region. The goal was to provide insight and knowledge to every client in a transparent and efficient manner. King Capital have accumulated a wealth of knowledge through extensive working experience in the international equities, commodities, fixed income and futures markets. With a strict policy of protocol and procedure King Capital can ensure all clients are in safe hands when engaging and executing trades regardless of the market location. Due to a vast international network of professional and trading partners King Capital are able to offer their clients up to date research and information on situations unfolding locally and globally. All King Capital traders, analysts, brokers and advisors are fully trained to adhere to the strict policies and procedures set in place by the in house team of managers and compliance officers.

Perfectly Placed to Meet Your Needs

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, we are one of South East Asia's leading full service institutional and retail brokerage houses. Jakarta is one of the world's fastest growing economies and quickly becoming one of Asia's leading trade and financial economic centres. With an excellent infrastructure, well-established financial services sector and highly-skilled workforce, we are perfectly placed to provide you with the best global investment opportunities.

Accessible, Transparent Communication

We believe that communication plays a key role in ensuring your needs are met successfully. Our Account Managers are always on hand to answer your questions and offer support. We also pride ourselves on offering a transparent, open and accessible service to our clients, cutting through financial jargon and simply providing you with straightforward, honest and clear communication.

Bespoke Strategies Tailored to You

Unlike some of our competitors, we don't supply 'off the shelf' solutions. Our service is entirely bespoke and our account managers will take time to develop a deep understanding of your current situation and aspirations before providing strategy and advice. The strategies we offer will include weekly, monthly, and yearly steps and each plan is entirely unique. All of our strategies are designed to maximize long-term growth and near term returns. Once we feel we have a full grasp of your circumstances, we will then comprehensively research 'the whole market' to find the best possible opportunities to expand your portfolio. For further information please contact King Capital to set up a personalized review of your investment goals and requirements.

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